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Working Together for Humanity
Community Based Projects

Community Based Projects The Foundation has also invested in community-based projects that include mosques and Imambargahs. Although mosques and imambargahs are meant for religious gatherings, these buildings in project areas are also used widely as community centers for social gatherings and a central place to discuss and attend to the various local problems. Marafie Foundation has funded 387 such buildings across the sectarian divide. Twenty four such buildings are under construction. In addition to these buildings, funding was provided to the following community based projects for infrastructure development and financial support to existing facilities. Public Bath Rooms For the first time in a rural setting the Foundation constructed public toilets. It constructed a total of 315 such facilities. With experience it was found that the toilets adjacent to public buildings and mosques were most useful and were also properly maintained. Now only requests attached to a public building are considered for funding. Projects in Collaboration with other NGOs During the year 2007 National Institute of Handicapped at Islamabad that caters for the badly injured and disabled earthquake affected, was upgraded and a new building wing was constructed at a cost of Rupees Twelve Millions in collaboration with an international NGO namely Direct Relief International (USA). This new block was purpose built to house the attendands and relatives who have to stay in the city with the handicapped patients for prolonged period in the vicinty of the intstitute during the treatment such patients. Public Private Partnership Marafie Foundation for the first time introduced the concept of public-private partnership. The founders of the Marafie Foundation realized that in view of the daunting task of dealing with the colossal issues of education ad health it was imperative to pool resources and complement and supplement the efforts of the government to get value for investment in these sectors and to make a meaningful and quick change in the lives of the socio-economically deprived region of Gilgit-Baltistan. Marafie Foundation was the pioneer in the much publicized public private partnership concept for the first time in Pakistan. Consult the community Support the government departments for infrastructure development and provisions of equipment An all inclusive approach while sanctioning a project that is the relevant government departments, community and political parties Monitor the usage of the facilities through periodical inspections and inter-action with all the stake holders Reward the communities/villages that ensures proper utilization of the facilities and cut off the ones not interested in the program Follow the motto “Working together for Humanity”.
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