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Working Together for Humanity

Education serves as the primary and most indispensible catalyst for change in society. Illiteracy results in poverty, and poverty restricts the opportunity for education thereby creating a vicious cycle of impecuniosities and want. Therefore, the Marafie Foundation felt it important to focus its attention on education. An in-depth analysis of the state of education showed that in a large area, there were no facilities for elementary education, and that the children had no access to education and were condemned to the darkness of illiteracy. At the Middle School level, the low quality of education deprived the students of the opportunity to enroll in professional colleges or to get jobs in the armed forces and law enforcement agencies at officer grade. Recent survey by AKRSP shows that the education in Baltistan has gone under transformation and today it stands at 70% for the male and 35% for female of the total population. Marafie Foundation has make a major contribution in this regard.
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