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Working Together for Humanity

Chief Patron Trustee

                                                                                      Mr. Abd-ul-lah Marafie                                                                                     

       Mr. Abdul Illah Marafie belonging to one of Kuwait’s leading business families is an individual whose dedication had helped transform a particularly vulnerable community in the farthest reached of Pakistan’s northern areas. He is already familiar with the traditions of philanthropy by virtue of his family’s longstanding involvement in charitable works in Kuwait as well as elsewhere around the globe. The establishment of the Marafie Foundation in 1986 started with Mr. Abdul Illah Marafie’s visit to Skardu, Baltistan. He witnessed a community lacking access to the most basic of healthcare and educational facilities, frequently ailing from preventable diseases and suffering from economic deprivation due to a lack of education. Concerned by the situation, Mr. Abdul Illah Marafie took on the mantle of Deputy Chief Patron Trustee of Marafie Foundation. He was later appointed as its Chief Patron Trustee in 1993.

He has played a key role in improving the way the foundation operates for maximum efficacy and in expanding the scope of its welfare activities. Mr. Abdul Ilah Marafie has taken inspiration from the corporate sector and established transparent financial and management systems for better results.

Mr. Abdul Illah Marafie initiated new projects centered on the construction of community buildings, establishment of schemes for the provision of clean drinking water, and setting up of libraries, computer literacy and technical/vocational training programmes etc. The inclusive approach of “working together for humanity” distinguishes the Marafie Foundation from others and also sets it apart as a role model for others to emulate. Mr. Abdul Illah Marafie is a true “symbol of synergy,” especially in the field of community development.

In recognition of his public service the Government of Pakistan has conferred on him Tamgha-E-Imtiaz.

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