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Deputy Cheif Patron Trustee

                                                                          Abdul Fatah Marafie                                                                           

There is a saying that ‘If you want to change the world, be that change.’ in every sense of the words, Mr Abdul Fatah Marafie exemplifies the spirit of this axiom. Subsequent to visiting Baltistan in 1986, he was deeply moved by the abject poverty of the local community, bereft of the most rudimentary of healthcare and of educational infrastructure. Mr. Abdul Fatah Marafie, with his family’s long established tradition of philanthropic work within the Kuwaiti Emirate as well as around the world, was motivatedenough to translate his empathy for a community in need into a practical plan for sustainable development. Mr. Abdul Fatah took it as a mission and  helped by local notables from within the Balti community, established the Marafie Foundation as a trust in Karachi. Mr. Abdul Fatah’s success in his philanthropic mission lay in his understanding that while giving away money might be an easy matter, but long lasting community development depended on how the money was allocated, for what purpose and in what manner. Consequently, Mr. Abdul Fatah Marafie sought to collaborate with the Government in carrying out carefully planned welfare activities within the project areas as he believed that only by complementing and supplementing each other’s efforts the Marafie Foundation and the Government could bring about a meaningful change in the socio-economically deprived region of Baltistan.He was the pioneer in much talked about model of public private partnership inPakistan.

The model forged by him serves as a success story that has stood the test of time. Today, Mr Abdul Fatah Marafie’s efforts have borne fruit and an entire community of people has been given the opportunity to break the vicious circle of disease, illiteracy and poverty due to the work of the Marafie Foundation.

In recognition of his public service the Government of Pakistan has conferred on him Tamgha-E-Imtiaz.


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