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Mother and Child Health Centre

Poor health care for women and children has always been a serious problem in Baltistan. The mortality rate of infants, and post childbirth complications and deaths of women were very high due to the lack of trained midwives or female health visitors. Deaths in childbirth were very common, even in Skardu. The headquarters of the district administration, due to lack of female health workers and doctors. The Marafie Foundation addressed this problem through a very modest initiative in 1995, which consisted of training a girl from Khaplu. This worked towards ending existing prejudice and helped to present the profession of health care as a respectable vocation for female workers. Since then, Marafie Foundation has trained three female health visitors and midwives. This has also encouraged others to join the profession, and many girls have adopted nursing as a profession. The government has also made arrangements to send lady doctors to the Skardu District Headquarters Hospital. This has, to some extent, addressed women’s healthcare problems. To meet the requirement of health care for women and children, the Marafie Foundation has set up two Mother and Child Healthcare Centers at Thowar, Khaplu and Chutron that extend advice, guidance and healthcare to women and children and, through timely intervention, help to reduce complications and mortality.

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