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Working Together for Humanity
                                                                             Mr.  Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie                                                                    


A distinguished Kuwaiti entrepreneur and philanthropist, the late Mohammad Rafie Husain Marafie, was an enlightened man who believed in the value of education. He sponsored the first charity school, which was established by his cousin in Kuwait. As patriarch of a prominent family, he also contributed generously to relief efforts and community welfare all over the world. He founded the Marafie Foundation as a channel through which to organize this charitable work. He believed that the poor should share in the prosperity of the rich. Thus, in addition to setting up the Foundation, he also willed one third of his fortune to charitable causes.

In 1976, the family lost its benevolent patriarch, but they committed anew to continuing the philanthropic work he had started. After his demise, the family formalized the management of the Marafie Foundation restructuring it to continue the charitable work started by the founder. It has continued to grow in size and scope, making a difference in the lives of countless deserving people across the globe.

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